Used Chip Spreader BM 624 Rebuild May 2022

Beautifully Rebuilt GEFFS BM 624 Chip Spreader Ready for Delivery


Every once in a while we have to toot our own horn.   That's definitely the case as we get ready to return ship this beautifully redone GEFFS BM 624 Used Chip Spreader to its owner.    Our Rocky Mountain Rebuild Used Chip Spreader Repair and Rebuild Program is running full speed and creating happy clients all over North America.

This machine had a near complete rebuild to good as new specifications, adding years and decades of high performance chip spreading to the working life of this machine.

The fabulous finish makes this machine look as good as new, and with hundreds of new components, rubber assemblies, and GEFFS exclusive Plus 1 Computer Control System Upgrade Package  this machine will run and spread as well as a new chip spreader for years to come--saving its owner $10,000's over the cost of replacement.

Enjoy a quick video walk around showing the exacting detail of our finished Rocky Mountain Rebuild work.


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