September 7, 2017

Rebuild Your Used Chip Spreader

The Rocky Mountain Rebuild Program

Have a used chip spreader that needs some help?    The Rocky Mountain Rebuild Program from GEFFS Manufacturing is your solution for getting a worn chip spreader back in reliable operating condition while saving big money.

We inspect, qualify, upgrade, service and rebuild ALL MAKES AND MODELS of Chip Spreaders, including ROSCO, ETNYRE, BEARCAT and more.

Rocky Mountain Rebuild is designed to evaluate, repair and rebuild older chip spreaders, restoring them to "chip-ready" condition.

And we save clients $10,000's, even $100,000's off the cost of a new machine.

We offer many options and customize each job to meet your needs and budget.    Call us at 208 232-1100 to talk about your needs.

You can:

  • Have us bring in your old chip spreader to rebuild and return to you
  • Sell us your used chip spreader outright
  • Trade in your current chip spreader and upgrade to one in our current inventory
  • Order custom upgrades or a complete rebuild on any machine you choose



If you want to keep your current chip spreader, but give it an overhaul, new paint, or other custom upgrades, our Rocky Mountain Rebuild Program can do anything you need.    We arrange to pick up and ship your chipper to our facility.   We perform a comprehensive inspection and evaluation of all the major systems, and then we discuss those results with you.    From there, we custom design a rebuild or exchange/upgrade plan with you that meets your needs and budget.


Want to trade your current chip spreader for a newer or more versatile model?   Maybe upgrade from 2 Wheel Drive to 4 Wheel Drive or get other advanced features?      We maintain a current inventory of quality used chip spreaders for exchange and rebuilding.     Every machine is thoroughly inspected and restored to reliable, "chip-ready" condition according to our evaluation and inspection.     From there, you can custom order upgrades such as updated computer and control systems, fresh paint, or even a complete overhaul to put the machine you choose in the exact condition you want it.

Download or fill out our online Trade In Evaluation Form Here.

Let's Get Started

It all starts with a conversation about your machine, and your needs.   From there, we can tell you exactly what we can do for you.    We will help you find a cost effective solution to your future chip spreading needs, while saving you huge money versus the cost of buying a new machine.

Call us at 208 232-1100.

We stand behind every job we do.    We're responsive to our customers needs and concerns.    We have 75 years experience in the design, manufacture and maintenance of chip spreaders.     We'll get you taken care of in a straightforward, efficient fashion with no BS.     That is our commitment to our customers.

We customize each job to meet the individual needs and budgets of our clients.

Call us at 208 232-1100 to discuss your needs and goals and we’ll go over all the options.

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