October 12, 2017

High Friction Surface Treatment (HFST)

What is High Friction Surface Treatment (HFST)?

According to the US Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration,

High Friction Surface Treatment involves the application of very high-quality aggregate to the pavement using a polymer binder to restore and/or maintain pavement friction at existing or potentially high crash areas. The higher pavement friction helps motorists maintain better control in both dry and wet driving conditions.


High Friction Surface Treatments (HFST) are a major advancement in transportation safety that now allow road and highway engineers to apply special coatings that improve traction in particularly dangerous sections of roadways. Sharp corners, areas entering intersections, bridges, highway off ramps–there are many areas where traction conditions vary and yet the ability to maintain friction between the tires and the road surface is critical for driver safety.

A New Approach to Traction

High Friction Surface Treatments combine adhesives and a special form of high density rock to create a long lasting, ultra abrasive road surface in areas where traction is critical and normal surface coatings are prone to wear and smoothing over time.  This makes these areas particularly dangerous, especially in wet conditions.

Convert Your Chip Spreader for HFST

image of a high friction surface treatment chip spreader

Rocky Mountain Rebuild can convert standard chip spreaders into machines capable of applying the rock for these new, modern epoxy-and-rock high friction surface treatments with the automation and efficiency of a regular chip spreader.

We custom build a new hopper and delivery system that takes into account the rate of application of rock delivery to create a perfect mix and lay down an even, consistent and effective high friction surface in the most efficient way possible.

Other machine modifications include upgraded computer systems, and remaking the transmission and drive train to allow you HFST chipper to run effectively at the slower speeds required to put down a properly mixed High Friction Surface Treatment.

Learn More

For more information on High Friction Surface Treatments, check out articles from the U.S. Department of Transportation here.


Growing Demand

Demand for High Friction Surface Treatments is exploding around the country, as early applications have been proven to significantly improve traction and safety in critical areas of public transit systems. Rocky Mountain Rebuild offers expert insight, advice and equipment to give you options to convert or purchase an automated chip spreader capable of applying all the components that make up these High Friction Surfaces–for well below the cost of a brand new machine.

Find out what your options are to upgrade one of your existing used chip spreaders into a machine that can move your department or company into a leadership position for applying High Friction Surface Treatments in your community.

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